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Winter 2012 Newsletter

The Clinic had a very busy, successful year in 2012, as we saw approximately 6,000 patient visits and gave out almost 1.5 million dollars worth of free medication to our patients. We are continuing to see the need for the Clinic to grow as more and more companies are cutting back, slowing down, laying-off, or closing. These individuals are not only losing their jobs, but they are losing their health insurance. If you are an individual without health insurance in the Fort Smith area and you need medical help, you do not have many options without having to pay and upfront deposit. The medically underserved in our community struggle with the tough choices such as putting food on the table or paying for health care. At our clinic, we are thankful for our donors, volunteers, and staff that help us provide accessible health care for our patients. With the current economy, your help and support is needed now more than ever.

Good Samaritan Clinic is happy to announce the addition of Judy Lane, APN to our staff here at the Clinic. With the addition of Judy to the Clinic, we are now able to see walk-in patients. This is a much needed service that up until this time we were unable to provide for our patients. We should now be able to almost double the number of patients that we can treat in a year’s time.

We are very excited that there is construction going on at the Clinic. We are in the process of installing the Dental equipment that is necessary so that we may begin offering limited dental services to our patients. By the time the next newsletter is printed, we hope to have begun dental services at the Clinic. With the help of the University of Arkansas Fort Smith Nursing Program we recently conducted a Health Fair at St. John’s Episcopal Church. If you came to the Health Fair, by the time you walked out, you would have had a thorough physical exam conducted by the nursing students.

We are continuing to speak with various churched, civic groups, and businesses in the Fort Smith area. If you are aware of any groups that we can come and visit with, please let us know. We are trying to let as many people as possible, learn about the clinic and services and the new services we provide. We believe that everyone reading this newsletter knows of someone that needs our help. Please help us spread the word of our clinic and it’s mission.

This coming year of 2014, will be a very busy, exciting year, with all the new services we will be able to provide and the increased number of patients we will be able to serve. Without your help and support, the clinic and the much needed services we provide would not be possible. Your thoughtful gifts will be used to defray the costs of providing health care to the uninsured of our area. You can assured that your support and donations are being used effectively to treat the largest number of local uninsured individuals as possible. Thank you again for your assistance and we are looking forward to a great 2014. Please keep us in your prayers!

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