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Welcoming our New Board Members!

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

As we begin our new fiscal year, we want to welcome our new Board Members, Jeanne Ledbetter, Grant Pruitt-CEO, Pruitt Control Devices, Janeen Kueck, Mercy Ortho Hospital and Aaron Abernathy, Assistant Vice President, Arvest Bank. Jennifer Thomas, Mercy Hospital has taken over the position of Chairperson of the Board, WE are excited to have these new members of our Board. We want to thank those individuals who have rotated off our Board, Diane Graham, Cathy Ulrich, and Rosemary Winfield. These individuals have been dedicated to the Clinic and have been a vary valuable part of this organization. Their help and assistance will be greatly missed. We also want to welcome Lawanda Phillips, LPN who has joined the Clinic. She will work to continue our foot care program for our diabetic patients. She has already proved to be an important part of the Clinic.

As the warm day of summer are upon us, we are staying busy at the Clinic. As of June 30th, people are no longer able to sign up for the new health care coverage. Sign ups will begin again in November. Through a grant program, Michelle Cox was able to sign up 150 for Medicaid or Health Insurance through the exchanges. There are still a lot of people in the area for one reason or another, that still do not have health insurance. We are continuing to get calls from our patients who got on Medicaid that they’re having problems finding a physician who will see them, as most physicians will only take a certain number of Medicaid patients. Many people with high deductibles are having to pay a deposit up front to be seen. Many times, this is money that our patients do not have. Many people are continuing to lose their health insurance through their employer as premiums continue to increase. The need for the clinic continues to grow.

We want to thank the Degen Foundation and the Arkansas Department of Health for their recent, most generous donations to the clinic. We want to invite everyone to visit our new website at We have redesigned the application process for our patients. It is now much easier for an individual to become a patient at the Clinic. If you know of someone who needs our help, please send them to the clinic.

On behalf of myself, our staff, our volunteers, our Board of Director’s and most of all our patients and their families, we want to thank you for the help and support you have given Good Samaritan Clinic. We have many challenges facing us in the coming months and the next couple of years. Without your support we would not exist. We want to assure you that your funds are being used efficiently and effectively to help many people n the Fort Smith area. We are helping a lot of people, every day, at the clinic to get the medical help that is desperately needed. A lot of “God” things are happening at this Clinic.

Evan Breedlove

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