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Welcome to the Board!

We always say to incoming board members each year, "Good Sam is a working board," and we mean it. But we love the work and the work is Good. Very Good indeed, and with the help of our board, we are able to do things in this community that matter. That have IMPACT. Reflect CHANGE. Inspire, heal, help. That's what we do at the Good Samaritan Clinic, and without the board of directors leading the charge in the mission of providing compassionate care for our neighbors in need, well, these are nothing more than words on a screen. But they're not. Welcome to the board, our newest members, and our new board chair. We've got work to do.

Are You A Good Sam?

Our annual board luncheon retreat was hosted by the lovely Renee Parker at her and her husband Kyle's home, overlooking beautiful Hardscrabble Country Club. It was the perfect setting for such an important event, the passing of the gavel, and welcoming the new incoming board members.

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