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November Newsletter- 2019


NOVEMBER- Happy Thanksgiving! Wednesday, Nov. 27- close at noon Thursday, Nov. 28 - closed Friday, Nov. 29 - closed

DECEMBER- Happy Holidays and New Year! Tuesday, Dec. 24 - close at noon Wednesday, Dec. 25 - closed Thursday, Dec. 26 - closed Friday, Dec. 27 - closed Tuesday, Dec. 31 - close at noon Wednesday, Jan. 1 - closed. 2020!

Happy Holidays from the Good Samaritan team!


The Giving Tree

Have you heard the story of The Giving Tree? In 1964 beloved children’s writer Shel Silverstein wrote a book about the charity of one tree to a young boy. The boy would eat apples off the tree, swing from her branches and slide down her trunk. The tree gave and gave all the boys life without asking for anything in return. Ultimately, the cherished story is about lavish giving. 

We have our own Giving Tree here inside the clinic halls where we honor friends of the Good Samaritan Clinic who have done something to go above and beyond for the sake of our patients. 

On October 3, we got to honor another one of these extravagant givers. First United Methodist Foundation has been a friend of the Good Samaritan Clinic since its beginning. This time around, they funded us brand new working washer and dryers. This amazing gift will be used to serve the homeless community in downtown Fort Smith as we service approximately 8 showers a day in our facilities.

Thank you First United Methodist Foundation for your charitable donation and generous spirits!

In addition, we want to honor the continued giving of Bancorp South. Long time friends of the clinic, such as these, make the work the clinic does possible. Thank you Bancorp South for being a true good samaritan!


Gobble gobble Giveaway

Good Samaritan Clinic is giving away free turkey dinners! This year, in hopes of understanding how we can better serve our patients, our front desk staff decided to create a “feedback” box for patients to tell us how we can improve their experience.

Liz Chacon said “I have always had the opportunity to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I know not everyone gets to do that because of a lack of money/food. We wanted to bless our community while also learning how to improve our service to better serve our patients.”

Upon entering a feedback card, they are automatically entered into a drawing to win a free turkey dinner for their families. Thanksgiving is a time to acknowledge and appreciate the true blessings in our lives, however the holidays can be a hard time for some. We are hoping that this giveaway will make a few families holiday season a little brighter.


"We believe that the health of our community is the wealth of our community." 

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