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Doing Good for Good Sam

So many wonderful things have happened during my first 2 months as the Executive Director of the Good Samaritan Clinic (GSC) and so many more good things are to come, but I would like to share just a few of the many blessings that I have observed in my first sixty days as Executive Director of GSC.

Gifts come in all Shapes and Sizes

After a previously scheduled vacation I returned to work to find a voice mailbox full of messages, but one stood out among all the others. A man left a message saying he wanted to donate to the clinic. I called the man back at once to learn that he budgets every month to donate to the clinic, after paying his utilities, his bills, buying his medicines and groceries, on a fixed income. He went on to tell me we saved his child. He said his adult son was ill, down on his luck, out of work and unable to pay for medical treatment and we took care of him and as the gentleman stated, the Good Samaritan Clinic saved my sons life. He went on to say his son had since passed. In the end, this man gave all, he made a modest donation, but it might as well have been a million dollars, as he, like so many in our community, are the very heroes that have allowed the Good Samaritan Clinic to continue offering care for the under-insured in the Fort Smith region.

Staff Surprise me with Unselfish Act of Kindness

I was just about to walk out the door to attend our June board meeting when Liz, our Phlebotomist at the Good Samaritan Clinic handed me a small piece of paper with a budget on it for a cook-out? Our Good Samaritan Clinic team wanted to host a cook out the day before the Fourth of July in our parking lot, for those in our neighborhood who probably would not get to enjoy a typical holiday cook-out! This unselfish request nearly moved me to tears and I was reassured at that moment that the GSC associates have a real compassion for what they do, day in and day out, this made me very proud, such an unselfish act of kindness.

GSC Board is Equally Moved to Thoughtfulness

After sharing the above story with the Good Samaritan Board of Directors during our June meeting an even more amazing act of kindness occurred. These committed and compassionate people who give so much of their time and talents to the GSC clinic took it even a step further and each of them pulled together and in that few minutes raised well over $100 so that the staff could feed even more of our neighbors. Not only did they give for good, they also showed up and volunteered, served and gave of their time the day before a major holiday. To say we are blessed is a huge understatement, as I am constantly witnessing the compassion of our community through donations of time, medical supplies, copy paper, water and so much more here at Good Samaritan. We are grateful to all who support our mission for compassionate community care for those in need of medical services.

The Good Samaritan Clinic is a 501c3 non-profit organization that relies solely on private donations and local grants and all funds raised stay right here in the Fort Smith area to help our community. Please keep in mind that no gift is too large or too small, and this includes a warm smile, prayer or nice word to help brighten one’s day. From all of us to all of you, enjoy the last days of summer, as fall nears and thank you for all you do, at Good Samaritan Clinic and otherwise!

Gratefully, Patti Kimbrough & the GSC Team

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